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Case Study - Public Utilities

The POWER SOLUTIONS unit boasts a long list of high flying achievements. With each new project, it never fails to rise to the challenge of meeting all the specifications, while taking into account environmental constraints and bending to the rules of local or international standards.

Conversion of low voltage distribution system to high voltage distribution system on 11 kv network at LUTH clusters

Electricity is the VEHICLE for any technological development, industrialization and economic growth of any nation.

The conversion of LVDS TO HVDS is a World Bank initiative which was introduced as a pilot scheme known as CREST (Commercial Re-orientation of Electricity Sector Tool Kits) and funded under the project, National Energy Development Project (NEDP) which is a Credit facility from International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank.

The benefits to be derived from the project cannot be over-emphasized as they are aimed at addressing distribution efficiency enhancement through:

  1. Reduced technical & commercial losses and failure of distribution transformers;
  2. Reduced energy theft due to smaller Low Tension (LT) networks on individual transformers of smaller capacity;

iii.   Low maintenance cost and increased reliability of the distribution system;

  1. Customer satisfaction as a result of better tail end voltage;
  2. Better energy and peal load management as a result of the segmentation of customers;
  3. Enhance revenue base of the company.

A total of 337 (Three Hundred and Thirty Seven) 25KV Transformers and 494 (Four Hundred and Ninety Four) 50 KV Transformers were erected. 11447 (Eleven Thousand, Four Hundred and Forty Seven) customers were serviced and connected to the network.

The first set of Transformers were installed and commissioned on the Network in October 2007 in the FALOLU Area of OKOH Feeder and SAM SHONIBARE Area of OGUNLANA Feeder. All the customers in these areas have been enjoying the benefits of this type of distributions.


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