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Frequently asked questions

A generating set is made up of a diesel, gas or petrol engine and an alternator, configured in such a way as to produce an electrical current. Generating sets are mainly used in standby applications, to supply power in the event of current cut-off. However they can also be used in isolated places as the main source of power when no electrical network exists. As an indication, one 2000 kVA generating set can supply around 250 households.

To ensure that you choose the right generating set, you should calculate your energy requirements by adding together the power of all the appliances that you need to supply power to simultaneously. In order to do so, you will need to estimate the MPR (minimum power requirement) of each appliance. Click here to use power calculator

A control panel is a box, connected to the genset on one hand and to the mains power supply on the other hand. It can be automatically or manually switched at the most appropriate energy source.

To compare noise levels, you must take values expressed in dB(A) LWA. This is a measurement of the sound power level of the equipment, which is controlled by strict standards and allows relevant comparison. Any other value in decibels, without the symbol LWA, represents the noise level, measured at a given distance, but which may vary according to the position of the measurement point. To assess the noise level, see the diagram illustrating the graduation between the hearing threshold and the pain threshold.

The important question to ask concerns the type of liquid to be pumped. It can be muddy or clear waters, liquid fertilizers or sea water. The size of the pump and its conception will then determine your choice. To refine your selection, you can also compare the flow to evaluate the speed of pumping or the granulométry more or less important depending on the clarity of the water.

Stag Value Care

Engine Overhaul: The engine overhaul program utilizes genuine new parts of manufacturer.

Technical Document: Our Technical Documentation service provides comprehensive instructions.

Diagnostic Solutions: For operational success, it is important to make quick and targeted decisions.

Workshop & Test Bench Solution: We provide individually tailored to local market condition.

Remote Service Unit: It allows you direct access to the activity of your SDMO ENGINE and systems.

Re-manufactured Engines: Provides re-conditioned products from single components to complete engines.

Spare Parts: We provide Spare parts for all the product we sell.

Workshop, storage facility & office: Integrated all in one unit services.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. You can use our power calculator or let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.