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Diagnostics Solution

For daily operational success, it is important to make quick and targeted decisions. The best foundation is to have complete knowledge of your fleet, your engines, and your systems in an easy way.
Reporting systems and diagnostic tools become more and more important. STAG knows this and provides you with a powerful diagnostic solution.

Remote Services.

Remote Services allows you direct access to the activity of your SDMO engines and systems – no matter where you are. With Remote Services you can call up at your convenience all information on your SDMO engines and systems on the Internet for analysis. It provides the best foundation for making targeted operational decisions quickly and efficiently improving performance and your profit margin by avoiding downtime through early fault identification.

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How it works

Remote Services incorporates a telemetric device that stores selected information and then transmits it in real time or at predetermined intervals to a STAG remote server via a mobile phone network. The data can then be accessed via a secure Internet connection. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet access.

All your data are handled with the strictest confidentiality. We provide a secure infrastructure and user administration via our STAG security concept.
Your benefits:
•    Early fault identification, saves valuable service time
•    Quick decisions on operational issues
•    Prevention of damage, reducing downtimes
•    Fast identification of spares needed
•    Increased engine efficiency
•    User-friendly handling

With our nationwide service network, you will always have a contact close at hand to provide the targeted support you require for your engine.

Stag Value Care

Engine Overhaul: The engine overhaul program utilizes genuine new parts of manufacturer.

Technical Document: Our Technical Documentation service provides comprehensive instructions.

Diagnostic Solutions: For operational success, it is important to make quick and targeted decisions.

Workshop & Test Bench Solution: We provide individually tailored to local market condition.

Remote Service Unit: It allows you direct access to the activity of your SDMO ENGINE and systems.

Re-manufactured Engines: Provides re-conditioned products from single components to complete engines.

Spare Parts: We provide Spare parts for all the product we sell.

Workshop, storage facility & office: Integrated all in one unit services.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. You can use our power calculator or let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.