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MTU Diesel Engines

Electric Power Generation

MTU’s products in the decentralized energy sector are the culmination of many years of experience in Power Generation applications.

By providing precise and expert advice during project realization and order implementation, we help you to meet your targets economically, reliably and on schedule.

  • Our range of electric power generation products includes:
  • Diesel engines for standby, base-load and peak-load gensets
  • Diesel engines for stationary industrial applications
  • MTU Onsite Energy can provide the additional benefit of planning, producing and operating everything from single gensets to entire power generating stations.
  • Gensets for standby, base-load and peak-load stations.

Diesel Engines for Emergency, Prime, and Continuous Power

The demands on drive units for these classic application categories are high: High specific power, long service intervals, dependable starting and reliability in continuous operation – even with frequent load fluctuations – are just a few examples.

With MTU diesel engines for gensets, there is no need to make any sort of compromise.
No matter what the application, the technical design concept of the various engines will allow precise planning and tailoring to suit your individual requirements.

All these advantages add up to a degree of overall plant efficiency which optimally matches each specific application.

Gensets for Emergency, Prime, and Continuous Power

MTU diesel engines are the core of diesel generator sets by MTU Onsite Energy, available for emergency power, prime power, and continuous power supply.

Diesel Engines for Stationary Industrial Applications

Whether they are for pumps, compressors, fans or any other machine, MTU engines also provide reliable and economical solutions in drive applications across the whole range of non-electrical, industrial needs.

MTU’s immensely flexible engine design concept is able to reflect and incorporate individual customer requirements in the development of the plant as a whole. And our ability to provide not only the engines but also the necessary planning expertise and service is, of course, a major benefit for our customers.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. You can use our power calculator or let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.