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Oil & Gas

Diesel Engines and Generators for the Oil and Gas industry.

For over 70 years, MTU has provided clients in the oil and gas industry versatile and reliable mechanical and electric drive diesel solutions. Our systems and engines power pumps and generators for stationary and mobile equipment, onshore and offshore.
Our power solutions for extracting resources are reliable under extreme conditions while providing the greatest possible degree of operational safety. MTU products are used, for example as emergency power supply or fire extinguishing pump engines in off-shore rigs, and in frac drives that meet the most extreme challenges with their absolutely reliable start and load-bearing performance and high availability. That applies equally to operation under slopes on offshore platforms or in the most remote onshore operation. Our experience and quality standards ensure the best possible performance and availability in all situations and operational areas worldwide.
We assume complete responsibility for your machines and accompany our customers from project planning and commissioning to maintenance and servicing. Whatever your project plan is , wherever and whenever you want to implement it, our experienced oil and gas specialists will understand your needs and find the best possible solution for you. Regardless of the complexity of your demands, we supply the reliable energy that will make your project run at peak performance.

Stag Value Care

Engine Overhaul: The engine overhaul program utilizes genuine new parts of manufacturer.

Technical Document: Our Technical Documentation service provides comprehensive instructions.

Diagnostic Solutions: For operational success, it is important to make quick and targeted decisions.

Workshop & Test Bench Solution: We provide individually tailored to local market condition.

Remote Service Unit: It allows you direct access to the activity of your SDMO ENGINE and systems.

Re-manufactured Engines: Provides re-conditioned products from single components to complete engines.

Spare Parts: We provide Spare parts for all the product we sell.

Workshop, storage facility & office: Integrated all in one unit services.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. You can use our power calculator or let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.