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Power Calculator


Before deciding on a generator, it is important to consider ALL the appliance you may want to operate, how many will be used simultaneously and the TOTAL current consumption at any one time. Most appliances have a descriptive plate stating the current, usually in watts.

IMPORTANT various electrical applications have very different power requirements, so it is essential to understand each particular need. For example TV sets, cookers, kettles and filament lamps have resistive loads, this means that their start up and operating currents are virtually the same - and as stated on the manufactured descriptive plate.


The following calculator gives an approximate guide to the power requirements of a wide range of electrical goods. You should always check with the specific equipment or its manufacturer as to the precise wattage required.

Please enter the quantity of each item you are going to use. Some items have a range of power, please enter the quantity and power of these items.


Domestic & Office

Air Conditioning (2HP) 2500W Central Heating Pump 800W Computer 400W
Coffee Perculator 500W -700W enter quantity power Cooker at least 10000W Deep freeze 1000W
Dishwasher 2000W-2500W
enter quantity power
Electric blanket 50W -150W Electric fire per bar 1000W
Electric grill 1000W -1500W
enter quantity power
Fan 50W Fluorescent lamp 60W
Food processor 400W Food mixer 450W Hair dryer 1000W-1500W
enter quantity power
Iron conventional 1000W Iron steam 1500W Kettle 2200W
Lights 100W Microfiche 220W Microwave 1500W
Photocopier 1600W Printer 350W Radiator(oil filled) 1000W-2000W enter quantity   power
Radio 350W Refrigerator 1000W-2000W
enter quantity   power
Sewing machine 100W
Slow cooker 130W Spin dryer 400W Stereo 100W
Toaster 750W-1500W
enter quantity power
TV Colour 250W Telefax 600W
Telephone PBX 700W Tumble dryer 2400W Vacuum cleaner 1200W
Vacuum cleaner (upright) 800W VDU 300W Video 100W
Washing machine 4000W Water heater 3000W Word processor 450W
Industrial/Hire Equipment
Cement mixer 1320W
Alligator saw 1020W Angle grinders:
125mm dia 1050W
180mm dia 2000W
230mm dia 2200W
12 in dia 2400W    
Belt Sander 1020W
Centrifugal pump 2in 2000W Chain saw 1150W
Circular Saw up to 1800W Compressor
6cfm 2200W  
14cfm 6000W
Concrete mixer 1300W
Concrete poker 1500W Cut off machine (12in dia)
Dehumidifier 3000W
Disc sander 1200W Fan heater up to 3000W Floor sander 8in 2000W
Floor scrubber 1000W Hammer drill 1150W Hot air gun 1500W- 2000W
enter quantity power
Impact wench from 440Wto 850W enter quantity power Jig saw 550W Kango demolition hammer
1050W- 1400W
enter quantity power
Lathe 750W Masonry saw
10in 4000W
14in 8000W
Mitre Saw 900W - 1650W
enter quantity power
Nibbler upto 500W Orbital sander upto 500W Planer 900W
Power float 1500W Pressure washer (2.4gpm)
Rotary hammer
Router 1600W- 1850W
enter quantity power
Stone cutter 1050W Tamper Z-beam 1500W Vacuum pump 1500W
Wallpaper stripper 1200W    

Garden & DIY

Angle grinder 5in 600W Belt sander 750W Bench grinder 300W
Chain saw 1400W Circular saw 1200W Hedge trimmer 500W
Hot air gun 1600W Jigsaw 380W Lawn mower:
12 in cylinder 280W- 400W
enter quantity power
12 in hover 900W- 1150W
enter quantity power
Lawn raker 400W Orbital sander 250W Planer 900W
Rotavator 750W -1500W
enter quantity power
Router 860W Strimmer 10in 350W
Submersible pump 1000W    

Caravan Camping

Electrolux fridge 110W Low wattage Caravaner electric kettle 50W
TV bw portable 50W TV colour portable 100W

Your required power is Watt      or   KW   


You will need a KVA Generator        

* LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Whenever complex electrical calculations are involved, it is always wise to seek the assistance of a certified electrician. The calculators on this page are offered to assist in generating general estimations only.  In most instances, there are numerous additional factors that should be accounted for (such as altitude, site conditions, iron losses, motor efficiencies, etc.). 

If you are still unsure or would like assistance analyzing your current situation, feel free to REQUEST A QUOTE with your questions.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. You can use our power calculator or let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.